Cybersecurity for Energy companies

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In 2021, 77% of the energy sector had at least one leaked credential within a 90-day period1.

$26 Billion

In 2021, the US Energy Department spent $26.4 billion on cyberseucrity2. 

$4.6 Million

The average cost per breach within the energy industry is $4.65 million3.

The critical importance of the US energy sector has made it a growing target for cybersecurity attackers, and energy companies need cybersecurity services that can keep up with this growing threat. Critical Start Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services detect the right threats, respond with the right actions, and provide agility and adaptability, enabling energy companies to optimize their security investments, improve security team effectiveness, and reduce risk exposure.

Hear from our energy sector customers

“”Critical Start MDR solution has been an excellent team added to our organization, as they have been able to add eyes on alerts 24/7.

“They know our environment so we can engage them in problem-solving right away; they don’t have to get up to speed

They tell you they’re going to cut your alerts by 99 percent and they did that, freeing me up for other things”

Managed Detection and Response Services

Our Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services protect security ecosystems with endpoint, SIEM, XDR and identity security. CRITICALSTART simplifies the complex business of energy sector cybersecurity by:

  • Detecting the right threats

  • Responding with the right actions

  • Providing agility and adaptability

Incident Response Services

Not more resources, better ones.

Breaches happen in today’s complex, technological world, but you have the power to do something about it. Our Cybersecurity Incident Response team helps you limit the dwell time of an attacker through immediate response.

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