Cybersecurity Threat Hunting Services

Faster threat containment = less attacker dwell time.

When your organization is under attack, quick response time is absolutely essential. Once a threat has infiltrated your network and the longer it remains inside, the more damage can be done. CRITICALSTART Threat Hunting Services proactively identify and investigate hidden malicious actors and quickly contain the threat.

threat hunting services

CRITICALSTART Cyber Threat Hunting Services

  • Proactively identify cyber threats through hypothesis-driven analysis across your network or specified hosts based on investigative leads or Indicators of Compromise (IoCs).

  • Gain improved visibility as threat hunters seek out known attack vectors to see if they have been leveraged against your organization. Cyber threat hunting also helps you step up your defenses by identifying open threat vectors that could open the door for an attacker.

  • Understand your risks with our detailed multi-phase assessment that has key findings and managed threat intelligence and identifies a clear path to proactively strengthen your security posture.

  • Seamlessly transition to CRITICALSTART Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services for continued security monitoring and remediation of threats.

Block, isolate and mitigate hidden attacks

Avoid Shelfware

CRITICALSTART utilizes our Zero Trust Analytics Platform™ (ZTAP™) and leading next-gen endpoint protection (EPP) and endpoint detection and response (EDR) managed security tools to deliver our security solutions services. We can work with your existing EPP or EDR tool, or we can make a recommendation and help you procure an EPP or EDR tool.

Proactive Prevention, 24x7x365 Response

When we identify an active attacker within the network, we remotely isolate endpoint machines showing malicious behavior. For more involved breach response investigations, we offer on-site capabilities through Incident Response services.

How we do it

CRITICALSTART Threat Hunting services offer you a way to seek out advanced threats that may be lurking in your organization’s network and reduce attacker dwell time.


Our team of expert cyber threat hunters begins by monitoring the network for indicators of compromise and anomalous activity.


Leveraging next-gen EDR and EPP security tools, we evaluate malicious executables to prevent sophisticated malware attacks. We also evaluate identified scripts and memory exploits.


We leverage decades of digital forensics experience to further investigate and identify suspicious files based on unique IOCs and/or MD5 hash. We also investigate suspicious behavior by both known and unknown applications within the environment.


If we identify an active attacker within the network, we can isolate endpoint machines showing malicious activity without having to physically touch the machine.


A detailed compromise assessment report is provided with key threat intelligence findings, associated risk levels, and recommended action items for your security team.


    CRITICALSTART Threat Hunting Services

    Once a threat has infiltrated your network and the longer it is inside your network, the more damage it can do. CRITICALSTART can help.

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