Microsoft E5 Security Suite: Empower Your Cybersecurity

Discover the Power of Microsoft E5 Security:

Microsoft is at the forefront of cybersecurity solutions, providing cutting-edge technologies to safeguard your digital ecosystem. With Microsoft E5 Security and an E5 license, you can access a comprehensive suite of tools and functionalities to protect your critical assets and data.

Protect Your Endpoints and More:

Secure your endpoints with Microsoft E5 Security, protecting your devices and systems from malicious attacks. Extend this protection to your cloud apps, Windows devices, and other crucial elements of your IT infrastructure.

Enhance Your Office 365 Security:

Office 365 is the backbone of modern business productivity, and with Microsoft E5 Security, you can enhance its security. Protect your Office 365 environment from cyber threats, ensuring uninterrupted business operations.

Fortify Your Azure Environment:

As organizations increasingly embrace cloud technologies, securing Azure is important. Microsoft E5 Security provides Azure-specific security measures to safeguard your cloud assets and services.

Unlock the Full Potential of Cloud Apps:

Microsoft E5 Security empowers you to embrace cloud apps confidently. Implement robust security measures for your cloud applications and protect your sensitive data.

Advanced Threat Protection:

Detect and respond to advanced cyber threats with Microsoft E5 Security’s powerful threat protection capabilities. Stay one step ahead of cybercriminals and safeguard your organization’s digital assets.

Defender for Identity:

Protect your organization’s identities from potential vulnerabilities with Microsoft E5 Security’s Defender for Identity. Continuous monitoring ensures your identities are secure.

Enterprise Mobility + Security:

Safeguard your enterprise mobility and security with Microsoft E5 Security’s advanced functionalities. Protect your devices, applications, and data in real time.

Malware and Phishing Protection:

Shield your organization from malware and phishing attacks with Microsoft E5 Security’s robust protection features. Prevent unauthorized access and keep your data safe.

Microsoft Security Solutions for Teams:

Ensure the security of your communication and collaboration platform with Microsoft E5 Security’s protection for Microsoft Teams.

Real-Time Threat Intelligence:

With Microsoft E5 Security’s real-time threat intelligence, stay informed about the latest cyber threats. Receive timely alerts and insights to make proactive decisions and mitigate potential risks.

Automate Security Workflows:

Microsoft E5 Security streamlines and automates security workflows, empowering your team to focus on critical tasks and enhance overall security.

Ensure Compliance with Ease:

Microsoft E5 Security offers compliance capabilities to help your organization meet regulatory requirements. Manage compliance efficiently and protect your data with confidence.

Protect Your On-Premises Assets:

Microsoft E5 Security integrates with your on-premises infrastructure, providing unified security for your entire organization.

Windows 10 Security Reinvented:

Elevate your Windows 10 security with Microsoft E5 Security’s advanced security measures. Protect your devices and endpoints from evolving threats.

365 E5 Compliance for Robust Security:

Ensure compliance with regulatory standards using Microsoft E5 Security’s comprehensive compliance capabilities. Protect your organization’s data and maintain adherence to industry regulations.

Cloud App Security and Identity Protection:

Enhance the security of your cloud apps and ensure information protection with Microsoft E5 Security’s advanced capabilities.

SharePoint Security and Plan 2 Features:

Microsoft E5 Security extends its protection to SharePoint, ensuring the security of your valuable collaborative content. With Plan 2 features, you can harness the full power of Microsoft’s advanced security suite to safeguard your organization from data breaches and unauthorized access.

Access Management and Data Breach Prevention:

Ensure authorized access with Microsoft E5 Security’s access management tools. Prevent data breaches and protect critical information.

Advanced eDiscovery and Archiving:

Leverage Microsoft E5 Security’s advanced eDiscovery capabilities to streamline your legal hold notification workflow and conduct compliance investigations. Implement archiving features to maintain data integrity and meet retention requirements.

Attack Surface Management with XDR:

Gain visibility into your organization’s attack surface and respond proactively to potential threats with Microsoft E5 Security’s Extended Detection and Response (XDR) capabilities.

Cloud App Security for Safer SaaS Use:

Protect your organization from SaaS-related threats and gain control over the cloud apps with Microsoft E5 Security’s cloud app security features.

Azure Active Directory Premium for Identity Protection:

Enhance identity protection with Azure Active Directory Premium, ensuring that identities are secure across your organization’s digital ecosystem.

Empower Your Organization with Microsoft E5 Security:

Critical Start is committed to empowering organizations with world-class cybersecurity solutions. Partner with us to implement and manage Microsoft E5 Security and take control of your cybersecurity defense. Protect your critical assets, defend against cyber threats, and ensure business continuity with Microsoft E5 Security.

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