Critical Start’s MOBILESOC® App

Video Transcript:

Security breaches happen at the worst time, and any delay in response increases your risk. 

Critical Start Managed Detection and Response services, or MDR, go beyond alert monitoring & escalation –  to deliver the quickest resolution possible. 

Our MobileSOC lets you triage and contain alerts in minutes to protect your most valuable asset, your data by enabling you to take immediate action using real-time information delivered by our platform and security experts. 

MobileSOC users see everything. 

From the same data that our analysts see to shrink dwell time and stop an attack in process before it becomes a breach, to the quick confinement of infected devices to keep your environment safe .

MobileSOC allows for direct communication in-app so you can address alerts with ease.  

MobileSOC uses risk and operational metrics to help you manage your security operations while on the go. 

Track team performance, optimize resources and processes, evaluate detection coverage mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK® Framework, quickly assess critical systems, make well-informed decisions, and confidently articulate the value of your MDR service by aligning business outcomes to security spend. 

With the Critical Start MobileSOC app, you can:  

  • Speed up the time it takes you to respond to threats 
  • Reduce risk exposure while on the move to limit attacker dwell time   
  • Optimize productivity 
  • Communicate and collaborate securely 
  • See everything for a quicker response and gain peace of mind knowing that you can protect your security environment regardless of your location or time of day. 

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