Reach your full operating potential with CRITICALSTART® Managed SIEM Services

Control costs and reduce threat coverage gaps with managed SIEM services

88% of organizations wrestle with their current Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). But with Critical Start as your trusted managed SIEM provider and MSSP, you won’t be part of that statistic.

Our comprehensive managed SIEM services are geared to rejuvenate the backend of your SIEM tool, allowing you to experience SIEM as a seamless integration into your cybersecurity strategy.

We manage version upgrades, ensure peak real-time performance on both cloud-based and on-premises installations, and oversee log data aggregation and log management. Our threat intelligence capabilities mean we actively spot and remedy coverage gaps, making false positives a rarity, and strengthen your defenses against cyberattacks and security threats.

By outsourcing to Critical Start’s managed security services, your in-house security operations center (SOC) can focus on core security operations, incident response, and security monitoring while meeting PCI and compliance requirements. Our transparent pricing demonstrates the value we provide and improves your security posture.

Enhanced team productivity

Efficient distribution of in-house security team responsibilities and improved threat detection.

Financial insight

Streamlined financial management, resource allocation, and transparent pricing.

Tailored configurations

Specifically crafted to meet your unique use cases.

Mitigate security blindspots

Proactively ensure log sources are of the highest security and are being ingested with SIEM Coverage Gaps.

Health monitoring

Consistent audits to ensure your SIEM operates at full capacity, leveraging automation.

Our Managed SIEM services integrate with SIEM platforms and tools from the following vendors:

Managed SIEM value-added services

Critical Start Managed SIEM follows the requirements outlined in the 2022 Gartner Market Guide for Managed SIEM Services and includes a dedicated team of security experts to help you derive maximum value from your SIEM investment.

We identify and continuously analyze log sources to ensure they are of the highest fidelity, close SIEM Coverage Gaps to ensure you are ingesting the most security-relevant SIEM log sources (and that they are working correctly), reduce risk acceptance, and optimize your breach protection. Expect more with:

Configuration and customization

Improve team productivity and increase efficiency with custom development for dashboards, reports, and log sources to support your security, risk, compliance, and audit use cases.

Threat monitoring and investigation

Respond to alerts swiftly and effectively, ensuring prompt remediation and elevating your efficiency with breach protection services powered by our Cyber Operations Risk & Response™ (CORR) platform, 24x7x365 expert security analysts, and the Critical Start Cyber Research Unit (CRU).

Health monitoring and optimization

Keep your SIEM running at optimal capacity with Zero-Log Ingest Alerts, log source performance, availability, and capacity monitoring to identify potential issues with log ingestion.

Maximize your total cost of ownership and increase your security outcomes with visibility into how your Sumo Logic®, Microsoft® Sentinel, Splunk Cloud™, or Splunk ES SIEM is performing. Splunk Cloud and Microsoft Sentinel customers can take advantage of our Ingest Cost Analysis, which analyzes billing vs. ingest for specific data sources based on your security products and licenses.

Risk reduction reviews

Keep up with new threats and compliance requirements by ensuring that your data is being properly ingested and SIEM coverage gaps are addressed. Our experts provide essential MITRE ATT&CK® Mitigations Recommendations to ensure the proper mitigations are implemented to prevent the same attack from happening again and help prevent misconfigurations by analyzing the potential impact of adding log sources and detection content on your coverage under the industry-standard MITRE ATT&CK® Framework.

Want to learn more about our comprehensive MDR for SIEM service?

At Critical Start, we strive to simplify breach prevention, maximize the operational security potential of your SIEM investment, and free up your resources to focus on the business priorities that matter most.

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