MDR Services for Microsoft® Sentinel™

Achieve the full security and business potential of your Microsoft Sentinel investment. 

Security and Information Event Management (SIEM) solutions are complex. The combination of Microsoft Sentinel’s cloud-native scalability and Critical Start’s risk-based, trust-oriented approach to Managed Detection and Response (MDR) simplifies breach prevention and gives you comprehensive insight into your security coverage.  

Key Benefits

Maximize value

Prioritize the data to be ingested and increase visibility across your security environment.  

Reduce the noise

Get fewer false positives while adding new Sentinel log source feeds.

Improve your security posture

Strategically add new data sources while continuously validating MITRE ATT&CK® Framework coverage.

Increase efficiency

We do all the heavy lifting for you with our Cyber Operations Risk and Response™ platform and seasoned Risk and Security Operations Center (RSOC) and Threat Detection Engineering teams.

How Our MDR Service for Microsoft Sentinel Works

We help you prioritize the data being ingested into Microsoft Sentinel while applying Critical Start Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) to enhance threat detection. 

Our platform, which is tightly integrated with Microsoft Sentinel, automates the investigation and triage of alerts while eliminating false positives. True positives are then escalated to our Risk and Security Operations Center (RSOC) for further enrichment and investigation. 

And it doesn’t stop there—we continuously make recommendations on other data sources to add and update detection content to uncover new and emerging  attacks, giving you a better return on investment (ROI) from your Microsoft Sentinel solution. 

Partnering for Your Success

Achieve full security and business potential while simplifying breach prevention. 

Onboard quickly

Experience total time to value (TTTV) within 7 days with our proven process that shortens the time it takes to start seeing value. Go from onboarding to production in an average of 14.65 days and complete your total multi-product onboarding process within 4-6 weeks. 

Personalize based on your unique requirements

Improve threat detection and enrich the content needed for investigations when we help you prioritize your Sentinel data sources and create playbooks to reduce false positives. 

Investigate and resolve alerts

Get complete transparency and 24x7x365 security monitoring, investigation, and response from our U.S.-based RSOCs with guaranteed 60-minute or less Time to Detect (TTD) and Median Time to Resolution (MTTR) SLAs on every alert, regardless of criticality. 

See a boost in your team’s efficiency with an approximately 90% reduction in false positives on the first day of production monitoring. Plus, we’ll never send you the same alert twice. 

Mature your Sentinel investment

Experience a real partnership with your named Customer Success Manager, who will check in with you regularly to ensure our services are still meeting your needs after onboarding — even as your requirements change. 

Give your team more time to focus on strategic initiatives while we help you achieve full operating potential and threat detection from your Sentinel security investment. 

Why Critical Start MDR?

Microsoft experts at your service

Our Microsoft-certified security staff has deep experience with Microsoft tools and uses Microsoft Security Best Practices. They focus on end-to-end monitoring, which increases your security operations team’s productivity and efficiency.

  • Our security analysts are Microsoft Certified Security Operations Analysts
  • We use Microsoft Security Best Practices to deploy Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft Defender XDR tools to optimize Microsoft content for both Scheduled Query Rules and Indicators of Compromise (IOCs)
  • Our highly skilled analysts provide 24x7x365 end-to-end monitoring, investigation, and response

Resolution of all alerts

We take a different approach than most MDR providers by resolving every alert and only forwarding those that truly warrant additional investigation. As a result, your team is more productive and can focus on strategic initiatives.

  • Risk-based, trust-oriented approach leverages the power of our Cyber Operations Risk and Response™ platform and our Trusted Behavior Registry® (TBR) to address all alerts 
  • Resolution of more than 99% of alerts  
  • Escalation of less than 0.01% of alerts – you’ll only get the alerts that require your security team’s attention

Detection engineering expertise

We’re experts at threat detection. Our dedicated Threat Detection Engineering (TDE) team has 100+ years of collective experience curating content to ensure detections are working across multiple threat vectors and industries.

  • Get expert guidance about how to deploy Sentinel in your environment and optimize your log data sources for effective threat detection with the Microsoft Defender security suite or other third-party security tools in your environment
  • Manage, maintain, and curate Sentinel out-of-box detections and IOCs 
  • Detection content is mapped to the industry-approved MITRE ATT&CK® Framework

Instant event notifications with MOBILESOC®

Take threat detection and response on the go and reduce attacker dwell time with our MobileSOC iOS and Android application. An industry-leading first, MobileSOC puts the power of our platform in your hands so you can contain breaches right from your phone. Offering a full-parity platform experience, this app features 100% transparency with full alert details and a timeline of all actions taken. 

Need MDR for other Microsoft Security tools?

We also provide unified managed detection and response services for these Microsoft solutions:

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