A New MDR Managed SIEM Offering Powered by Devo


At CRITICALSTART, every idea begins with the question: “If we were the end-user, would we use this service?”

As a company full of security practitioners from the top cybersecurity vendors and some of the largest businesses in the world, that question helps to shape the offerings we build and deliver, along with the fact that we only use best-of-breed tools backed up by security experts.

We are selective, but it’s all with a mission to do what’s right for the customer.

We Hear You: SIEM Can Be Costly

At the end of 2019, I was talking to a Fortune 500 customer who uses our Managed Detection and Response services on their endpoints, but she wanted to expand the visibility of security events in the enterprise. 

During our discussion, she said “SIEM is expensive. I am having to choose between a large sticker shock or accepting tradeoffs and risk of what I analyze.”

An Increase in Machine Data Volume Demands Cost-Effective Solutions

The explosion in the volume of machine data is increasing at a faster rate than the falling costs of storage and compute infrastructure. The sheer amount of data to be analyzed requires new techniques such as machine learning, statistical algorithms, and automation.

Introducing Devo

Today, I’m excited to announce our new managed detection and response (MDR) service powered by the Devo Analytics Platform, a cloud-native SIEM solution that allows us to offer customized visibility and insight to each customer’s unique infrastructure.

Benefits of Devo SIEM

Cloud-Native SIEM Functionality Helps Reduce Costs

The efficient cloud-native functionality of Devo allows us to reduce the cost of ownership for our clients while still providing the best-of-breed functionality and 24X7 SOC monitoring demanded by our customers who have a lot to lose in a breach.

Seamless Integration with CRITICALSTART’s MDR Platform

By ingesting Devo’s SIEM data into the CRITICALSTART MDR platform (ZTAP), it becomes possible to gain full transparency and visibility of all data in one place.

And with MOBILESOC – our fully functional mobile SOC-on-the-go app that allows you to detect and remediate alerts right from your phone – we are “lightening the load” for our customers no matter where they are.

Cost-Effective Cybersecurity When You Need It

I’ll say it again – our mantra is “do what’s right for the customer.” That means being selective in what we deliver.

This new offering in partnership with Devo provides another great alternative for customers that need a cost-effective monitored SIEM solution in weeks instead of months.

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