Understand your risks and identify a clear path to proactively strengthen your security posture


An effective security strategy requires ongoing evaluation to understand how to best protect and defend against evolving threats. Our Assessment Services will help you identify risks, document the effectiveness of your existing controls and create a roadmap to improve your security posture.




  • Proven methodologies to assess your immediate risks and guidance on how to achieve your long-term security goals
  • An evaluation of how your organization’s security compares to current best practices and compliance requirements
  • Insight on risk areas, strengths and weaknesses of your current defensive controls and a clear path for improvement
  • An understanding of vulnerabilities from the perspective of an attacker

Penetration Testing

Test the effectiveness of your security precautions. the Penetration Testing Team at Critical Start can evaluate your security posture and determine how exposed your systems, services and data are to malicious actors.

Red Team

Our Red Team Assessments offer a deeper investigation over a longer period of time. This assessment typically spans a period of months with our team actively evading detection and employing every legal and in scope method available to access your enterprise and network. Shy of an actual attack, this assessment will simulate an attack that’s as close to “real life” as it gets.

Risk Assessments

How vulnerable is your organization? Today’s attackers employ a wide range of tactics to access critical data and wreak havoc on their targets. Critical Start can help you evaluate your defenses, identify the top threats to your organization and advise how to best mitigate the associated risk.

Tools Assessment

Take inventory of your deployed security controls. Understand how these tools map to your security goals and identify functionality gaps. We’ll evaluate your existing tools and ensure they’re maximized to meet your objectives, plus guide you in selecting additional tools that fit your requirements.


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