Cybersecurity Teams are Drowning

Organizations can’t afford to ignore security events – even lower level security events, which is where many breaches and attacks occur. The goal is to quickly stop an attack before it becomes a breach.

What You’ll Learn

Learn how to relieve alert fatigue for you and your team. Stop accepting risk in your security plan and manage remote endpoint security while on the go. Lastly, effectively manage your budget while improving alerts.

Today’s Reality is Daunting

The increase in cybersecurity alerts is a direct result of easier-to-launch attacks with more efficient methods to monetize them. While attacker tactics haven’t changed, what has changed is that its:

  • Cheaper to launch an attack
  • Easier to monetize with cryptocurrency
  • Faster to exploit vulnerabilities

This all leads to a tremendous increase in the number of attacks impacting companies every day. Is your organization equipped to manage an increase in attacks?

The Cost to Defend has Skyrocketed

The costs of these gaps are staggering. Beyond the obvious theft of intellectual property and customer data, organizations are left with brand and reputation damage, the embarrassment of a public disclosure of an event, impacted shareholder value, and high turnover of security personnel, who quit out of frustration.

192 Days

Average time to identify a breach


Approximate average loss


Average amount saved if a breach is contained in less than 30 days

69 Days

Average time to contain a breach

Security is about dealing with risk, bringing order to chaos.

ISACA State of Cybersecurity Report 2019 – Part 1: Current Trends in Workforce
Ernst and Young Survey


of respondents say they need up to 50% more cybersecurity budget


of organizations experience a delay of over 6 months to fill a cybersecurity position with a qualified candidate


global shortage of cybersecurity professionals


of organizations expect an increase in cyber-security budgets – down from 64% in 2018


shortage of cybersecurity professionals in North America


say their cybersecurity function doesn’t fully meet their needs


of organizations feel thier cybersecurity budget is underfunded


of cybersecurity pros say their teams are understaffed


feel it is likely they would detect a sophisticated cyberattack


of security pros have a high degree of confidence in their team’s ability to detect and respond to cyber threats

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