Data Breaches Are on the Rise: Is Your Protection Keeping Pace?

How Critical Start Managed Detection and Response Services for Microsoft Defender for Servers Protect Dynamic Server Workloads 

The global average cost of a data breach in 2023 was $4.45 million—a 15% increase since 20201. With servers under constant attack, inadequate protection poses financial and reputational risks. However, securing servers can be challenging in today’s dynamic environments. 

As business needs evolve, server configurations and workloads frequently change to meet new demands. While this agility provides advantages, it also strains legacy security tools not designed for constant flux across multi-cloud infrastructure. As a result, security teams are pressed to maintain continuous coverage despite constant shifts in infrastructure and traffic patterns. Bridging this protection gap is essential to secure both data and reputations.  

Critical Start Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services for Microsoft Defender for Servers deliver flexible threat protection that modern workloads demand. 

Key Benefits: 

Safeguard Servers Across Multi-Cloud Environments 

Critical Start MDR supports Microsoft Defender for Servers to automatically enable Defender for Endpoint on supported systems connected to Defender for Cloud across multi-cloud or on-premises environments, providing: 

  • More comprehensive server workload protection 
  • Integrated management with Defender for Endpoint 
  • Advanced server threat detection for your Windows and Linux machines 
  • Integration with Azure services 
  • Visibility to servers operating in Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Commercial Clouds, and on-premises environments 

These features are critical to maintaining seamless protection despite business shifts. Defender for Servers enhances visibility, threat detection, and integration for server workloads, complementing Defender for Endpoint’s robust endpoint protection for organizations wanting a native integrated Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution.  

As servers spin up, spin down, or shift across different cloud providers, these key features ensure consistent security that keeps pace with business needs. 

Accelerate Threat Identification and Response 

Leveraging the Critical Start Cyber Operations Risk & Response™ platform, alerts from Microsoft Defender for Servers are ingested and evaluated. Known good behaviors are compared against the Trusted Behavior Registry® (TBR®), where playbooks auto-resolve incidents. Within a contractual, 60-minute Median Time to Resolution (MTTR) Service Level Agreement (SLA), unknown threats not identified by the TBR are escalated for investigation to the Risk & Security Operations Center (RSOC), where our seasoned security experts provide rapid investigation and a targeted response until remediation is complete. 

By combining workload-specific policies, advanced analytics, and a two-person integrity review on every action to be taken, Critical Start MDR services for Microsoft Defender for Servers provide complete, timely detection and response for both common and advanced threats targeting server infrastructure, enhancing the ability of organizations to identify and mitigate threats quickly.  

Deploy Protection Faster with Automatic Provisioning 

Deploying and configuring server endpoint protection can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Critical Start MDR services for Defender for Servers support automatic provisioning, streamlining the deployment process, and ensuring consistent, reliable protection across all servers. By automating monitoring during provisioning, this service saves time and reduces the risk of unmonitored systems. 

Ready to Take Server Protection to the Next Level? 

Servers face evolving threats requiring proactive security. Critical Start MDR services for Microsoft Defender for Servers help safeguard infrastructure, data, and reputations from attack with tailored protection for critical servers, streamlined security management, and enhanced threat detection and response. 

Contact us today to learn how Critical Start can help your business mitigate risks and safeguard server infrastructure from emerging threats. 

1IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023 

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