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Data Breaches: Safeguarding Your Healthcare Organization

Breaches are increasing – a proactive approach to data protection can help you safeguard your organization’s data.

2019 has not been a good year for healthcare data. HIPAA’s Healthcare Data Breach Report, says the first six months of the year saw 9,652,575 Americans exposed to breaches. Factoring in the American Medical Collection Agency data breach (24.4 million patient records exposed in a June breach) – 2019 could see more breaches in one year than the previous three years combined.

Despite this, healthcare organizations can take proactive steps to protect their data. Callie Guenther, CYBERSOC Data Scientist at CRITICALSTART, outlines the challenges healthcare organizations face and the proactive steps they can take to help stave off a breach.



Featured in Health IT Outcomes | November 8, 2019

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