Drowning in Alerts? CRITICALSTART, Microsoft Defender ATP Collaboration Will Reduce Alerts by 99%

May 30, 2019

The rapidly changing threat landscape poses numerous challenges for all enterprise organizations. Among those challenges is security infrastructures generating thousands of false-positive alerts, which can obscure legitimate threats. In response, CRITICALSTART recently announced a collaboration with Microsoft Defender ATP – a partnership that will help customers reduce alerts by 99 percent.

The collaboration gives CRITICALSTART one of the most comprehensive and complete integrations with Microsoft Defender ATP of any Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provider worldwide.

CRITICALSTART will add Microsoft Defender ATP to the technology stack of its MDR services. Microsoft Defender ATP partner integrations, a set of pre-integrated partner solutions that enable customers to streamline, integrate, and orchestrate defenses from other vendors with Microsoft Defender ATP, helps security teams effectively respond to modern threats.

The reduction in alerts customers will realize is critical due to the rising number of false positives, redundant and overall security alerts, which is causing significant issues. According to a study by IDC, 37% of respondents said they dealt with 10,000 or more alerts every month, 52% of which were false positives.

“We share a common goal with Microsoft to positively impact the cybersecurity market with better tools, technology, and expertise,” said Rob Davis, CEO at Critical Start. “By collaborating with an innovative, industry leader such as Microsoft, we can improve the security posture for millions of organizations.”

Ann Johnson, CVP, Cybersecurity Solutions Group, Microsoft, said, “Microsoft’s approach to cybersecurity supports a broad set of collaborations for a heterogeneous world – across our technology, with others in the industry. Partnering with top-level security companies such as Critical Start not only helps our customers prevent and protect critical networks from attacks, it also combines MDR services with a 24×7 cybersecurity operations center with a strong security toolset and highly experienced cybersecurity professionals.”

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