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Experts Warn At-Home Learning Could Attract Hackers


So many students are starting classes this week and cyber experts warn that your child’s e-classroom could be a target. Cyber experts with CRITICALSTART said it’s time to be proactive to stop hackers in their tracks and not reactive after something happens.

There are a number of concerns when it comes to children and the internet.

“Kids are going to be on the internet more than ever with everything being online. They always have the internet at their fingertips,” said Randy Watkins, CRITICALSTART Chief Technology Officer.

Now more than ever, with kids of all ages taking on learning from home, experts said they’ve already seen what could happen. They said hackers could disturb your student’s class time.

“A lot of folks want to know why are people doing this at all. We’re all going through this pandemic and why would you stop children from learning,” Watkins said.

Watkins said hackers usually attack for one of two reasons; fun, like pulling a prank, or destruction, like stealing private information.

“Kids don’t even have to be technologically inclined to attack at school,” Watkins said.

Experts also said the best thing parents can do is teach kids to not click on questionable links or pop-ups and only use recognizable websites for research. Cyber experts also recommend checking with your child’s school to see what their plans are to keep students safe while learning at home.


Featured in KOAT 7 Action News | August 13, 2020

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