Critical Start Cyber Risk Landscape Peer Report

Security leaders are under increasing pressure to show the amount of risk their organization is accepting, and effectively communicate that data to key stakeholders. With this growing cyber risk management problem, security leaders want to know how their peers are handling these challenges and what the industry can do to help. 

Critical Start surveyed security leaders at various organizations about their confidence in their cybersecurity protection, the limitations of traditional security approaches, and if new proactive cyber risk reduction strategies should be implemented. The study revealed that 66% of organizations lack understanding of their own cyber risk, and 74% of organizations are planning to prioritize proactive risk reduction strategies to stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape. 

Download the full Cyber Risk Landscape Peer Report to learn more from fellow security leaders about their biggest cybersecurity challenges, their desire for a holistic approach to managing cyber risk, and how the market should respond. 

In this report you’ll find: 

  • Traditional security approaches have limited efficacy, with 67% of organizations experiencing a breach requiring attention within the last two years despite having traditional threat-based security measures in place. 
  • The cybersecurity landscape and cybersecurity leaders’ needs are changing as a result. 82% of organizations surveyed believe taking a managed cyber risk reduction approach will yield significant cyber protection benefits. 
  • Security leaders are facing significant challenges with cybersecurity visibility and resources, with 93% of organizations planning to offload segments of their cyber risk reduction workstreams to service providers within the next two years. 
  • Managed Cyber Risk Reduction (MCRR), the next evolution of Managed Detection and Response (MDR), can help organizations gain control of the risk they are willing to accept with a holistic, proactive approach to cybersecurity aligned to leading cybersecurity frameworks. 

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