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Zero Trust is the only option where there is zero tolerance for a breach. That’s why we’re flipping the MDR model upside down to deliver something better – a new model that gives our clients peace of mind that we’ve got their back 24×7.

an MDR built for today

From large marquee brands to small-to-mid-sized companies, Critical Start provides managed security services to some of the world’s most mission-critical, security-focused environments, protecting hundreds of thousands of endpoints via our CyberSOC and the world’s only zero-trust security analytics platform.

Developed by Critical Start’s engineering team, our proprietary platform revolutionizes the legacy managed services model by addressing both incident AND event orchestration, unlike traditional service providers. This enables us to reduce the number of incidents for investigation by 99.9%. Our advanced event orchestration model also allows us to tune and adjust our managed security tools to adapt to individual customer environments, further reducing the number of false positives. And since we operate in the cloud, we can also tailor our deployment architecture, maintenance, updates and configurations to suit customer needs.

We don’t stop there. In managed security services, 24×7 detection is not very helpful unless it is paired with 24×7 response. That’s why Critical Start’s SOC analysts not only detect attacks, but are also able to immediately respond and contain them by isolating machines, blocking malicious network connections and quarantining malware.

Last, but not least, we’ve staffed our SOC with the best in the business. Serving as an extension of your security team, our SOC is operated by a skilled, highly trained team of security analysts who perform 90% of incident investigations. This process enables us to significantly reduce the number of incidents we escalate to you.


Incident orchestration with legacy MDR providers
Incident orchestration results in only a 50% reduction in time while ignoring the majority of security events.


Event orchestration with Critical Start MDR
The process that needs to occur before incident orchestration – it allows ALL data to be analyzed. Nothing is missed so there is little likelihood of an attack occurring. Critical Start provides both event and incident orchestration.

Zero-Trust Platform

Critical Start MDR uses advanced event orchestration to categorize and filter all of your security events. Our alert classification process ultimately reduces Tier 1 incidents by 99.9%. We only escalate incidents that require proprietary review or action, saving you time without sacrificing coverage.

Total Transparency

You see what we see. The Critical Start MDR process is completely transparent to our customers. You have access to the same consoles, dashboards and reports as our analysts. No smoke and mirrors or hidden, magic codes behind the curtain. See your security solutions at work, anytime, anywhere.

Industry’s First Mobile SOC Platform

Critical Start has revolutionized the interaction model between managed security services provider and customer. Now you can investigate, escalate, and remediate security incidents from anywhere using the Mobile SOC™ app for Apple and Android.

MANAGED Capabilities

Critical Start delivers managed security services to fit your needs and budget.

Managed SIEM

Managed Threat Hunting

Vulnerability Management

Cyberexposure Risk Monitoring

IDS & Full Packet Capture

DNS Firewall

Firewall Monitoring

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Cloud Infrastructure Security

24x7 CyberSOC


Ready to experience a new standard for MDR?

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Critical Start is the fastest-growing cybersecurity integrator in North America. Our mission is simple: protect our customers’ brands and reduce their business risk. We do this for organizations of all sizes through our award-winning portfolio of end-to-end security services – from security-readiness assessments using our proven framework (the Defendable Network) to the delivery of managed detection and response, incident response, professional services, and product fulfillment. Critical Start has been named to the CRN 2018 Tech Elite 250 and top 100 Security MSPs lists.