Penetration Testing Services

Pen testing: Test everything to be ready for anything.

Whether you’ve built and deployed state-of-the-art security technology or you’re just starting to assess your security needs, you need to test the effectiveness of your security environment regularly. CRITICALSTART Penetration Testing Services analyze your security posture and determine how exposed your systems, services and data are to malicious actors from external, internal, and web applications.

penetration testing

CRITICALSTART Penetration Testing

  • Reduce risk with an inspection of your networks, devices, applications and users to identify vulnerabilities, and potential compliance or regulation violations.

  • Strengthen your security strategy through highly-targeted point-in-time assessments for web applications, social engineering, mobile applications, wireless networks, IoT devices, and internal and external networks.

  • Improve security controls with a comprehensive post-assessment report identifying specific vulnerabilities and their impact on your organization, including details on the methods used and how to recreate findings.

  • Fine-tune your security program with solutions tailored to your business use cases. Outcomes from the assessments also help you tighten up compliance and regulatory policies and guidelines.

5 Steps to a CRITICALSTART Pen Test

  • 1. Planning/Scoping – Our team meets with you to define your objectives for the penetration test.

  • 2. Reconnaissance (Recon) – We find out as much as we can about your organization and the systems you have running, such as. domains you own IP Addresses, web applications, and vendor technologies you leverage, as well as employees, email address naming schema, and password dumps.

  • 3. Enumeration – We make an itemized list of what is running on your systems to get a better idea of what flaws we need to look at more closely, such as validating network segmentation, to achieve our testing objectives.

  • 4. Discovery/Attack – We perform testing and vulnerability analysis, including initial attacks, evasion, and continued discovery, using testing tools similar to the ones used by criminals. We also leverage our own custom testing tools that are designed to bypass detection.

  • 5. Reporting – We prepare an Executive Summary Report and Full Attack Narrative, which highlights the strengths of your security posture, what defenses worked, what failed, and what areas still need hardening.

Test the effectiveness of your security environment with CRITICALSTART penetration testing.

Highly Skilled Assessors

TEAMARES is comprised of professionals who each have over 20+ years of extensive experience in digital forensics, penetration testing, breach investigation and threat intelligence. This team of experts has experience evaluating threats in virtually every industry.

Vast Array of Proprietary Toolsets

Our penetration testing research team leverages manual methods with a vast array of toolsets we’ve developed in-house to provide you with comprehensive testing.

Zero-Day Exploits

We provide hands-on evaluation of the chosen security area(s) for testing, often resulting in zero-day exploits. We work hand-in-hand with our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) team to stay apprised of the latest exploits or attempts they are seeing in the market.

    Security Event Response IR Retainers

    When your organization is under cyberattack, immediate response is critical. The longer the dwell time, the more damage is done.

  • BLOG

    Why a Proactive IR Strategy Is Critical

    Breaches are a fact of life for every business. However, it is possible to stop breaches and improve your security posture by taking a proactive approach to your incident response (IR) strategy.

    Be prepared for anything.

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