Beyond the Endpoint: Strengthening Cybersecurity with Critical Start Managed XDR

In the swiftly changing world of cybersecurity, proactively staying ahead of threats is paramount. This webinar invites you to explore how your cybersecurity defense can be broadened beyond traditional endpoints using the robust capabilities of Critical Start Managed Extended Detection and Response (XDR).

This session will explain how Critical Start Managed XDR enhances cybersecurity coverage by providing comprehensive, threat-centric visibility across a spectrum of user, cloud, and application log sources, all without the burden of owning, purchasing, or managing a standalone Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system.

During this virtual event, we’ll dive into how our solution:

  • Provides insight into security gaps that leave you vulnerable to an attack.
  • Offers flexible log source connectivity and round-the-clock remote monitoring of performance, availability, and capacity.
  • Handles data storage and indexing for seamless operation and compliance needs.
  • Assists in predictable budgeting to mitigate financial uncertainties.

You’ll leave our webinar equipped with the knowledge of how our unified Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and log source management solution enables you to:

  • Amplify cybersecurity coverage by swiftly integrating hundreds of security-relevant log sources for coverage of non-EDR/EPP log sources.
  • Obtain comprehensive threat detection across user, cloud, and application log sources.
  • Manage non-EDR/EPP log sources more effectively, among other benefits!

Don’t miss this opportunity to bolster your cybersecurity program with Critical Start Managed XDR.

Watch the Webinar Recording Now

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