Critical Start Announces Partnership with Chronicle to Bring Advanced Security Solutions to Market

RSA CONFERENCE, SAN FRANCISCO, March 4, 2019 – MDR services powered by industry’s only Zero-Trust Analytics Platform (ZTAP) adds Backstory’s vast security telemetry to improve threat hunting and speed incident investigation – Critical Start, a leader in Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions, is partnering with Chronicle to provide managed services for its Backstory platform, announced during the RSA conference this week. Backstory is a global platform designed to help enterprise customers analyze the massive amounts of security telemetry they generate every year. Together, Critical Start and Chronicle will provide clients with unmatched capabilities for threat hunting and incident investigation.

Enterprises have vast amounts of data from a variety of network, endpoint, and application sources that are invaluable for detecting attacks and allowing a quicker response to threats. Backstory solves the historical challenge associated with the prohibitive cost to aggregate, store and analyze that data. As a part of Critical Start’s MDR cybersecurity portfolio, Backstory cost-effectively enables instantaneous queries across massive datasets of security logs, network events, and other data. This extensive security telemetry empowers Critical Start’s CYBERSOC analysts to enhance potential malicious activity investigations with rich domain and per-user contextual details.

A trusted cybersecurity partner to hundreds of enterprise customers across a variety of industries, Critical Start offers a powerful combination of professional services, strategic product fulfillment, and MDR services to help customers improve cybersecurity and reduce business risk. Critical Start’s CYBERSOC, expert security analysts, and Zero-Trust Analytics Platform (ZTAP) allow the company to deliver MDR services using a transparent process featuring a mobile-first approach through the company’s MobileSOC app, untethering security personnel from their desktops.

“One of the biggest issues in cybersecurity is the ability to tap into the extensive amounts of data generated by enterprises to help better protect them. The cost to collect, store and analyze all that data meant that many enterprises simply sampled data or were forced to selectively tap into only some of it,” said Randy Watkins, CTO of Critical Start“As we continue to build out our best-of-breed tech partners for our MDR service, Backstory eliminates those barriers and unlocks that data for our analysts to leverage and create very high-fidelity investigations.”

“Many organizations look to managed services companies, such as Critical Start, to protect corporate infrastructure and information from attacks,” said Magali Bohn, Head of Alliances for Chronicle. “Working with Critical Start enables us to offer Backstory to a larger set of organizations, and through Critical Start’s security expertise, bring a more effective solution to market.”

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