Cyber Threat Intelligence 101 Part 2: Building and Maturing Your Program

Getting information on recent vulnerabilities, malware and breaches is a priority – but is a constant challenge for many organizations. Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) helps your organization stay one step ahead of emerging threats, and make decisions based on timely, relevant data.

Our latest Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) 101 webinar on the metrics that matter for measuring success was such a hit, that we’re back with a part 2! This time, we discuss how to build and mature your CTI program. (Don’t worry if you missed our first session. We have it on-demand here!)

Join our Critical Start Cyber Threat Intelligence expert as she lays out what it takes to build and mature a robust Cyber Threat Intelligence program. During this exciting virtual event, we discuss:

  • How to identify and select a range of intelligence sources to draw from, and the importance of having systems in place to collect and analyze threat intelligence
  • Using threat modeling, response planning basics, and how to collaborate with Incident Response teams
  • How Critical Start’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services supports customers with a full Cyber Research Unit, including Cyber Threat Intelligence services

Watch the Webinar Recording Now:

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