Threat Intelligence Report: New FakeBat Variant

Discover the intricacies of cyber threats with our latest Critical Start Cyber Threat Intelligence Report, featuring the newly identified FakeBat variant, now known as IvanLoader.

Unveil the methods employed by cybercriminals using advanced Telegram bot interactions to orchestrate attacks and learn how to safeguard your systems effectively.

The threat intelligence report includes:

  • Insight into IvanLoader: Learn how this new variant uses Telegram bots for real-time command and control capabilities.
  • Attack Vectors: Detailed analysis of malvertising techniques that lead to the deployment of malicious software.
  • Mitigation Strategies: Practical guidance on enhancing your cybersecurity posture to counter sophisticated threats.
  • Indicators of Compromise: Identify potential threats with our comprehensive list of IoCs related to the IvanLoader variant.

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