Data Breaches and Their Main Causes

data breach is an incident in which a victim’s sensitive information is accessed without permission.

According to a recent article by FOX Business, the main causes of data breaches are the lack of employee cybersecurity training, the tendency for vulnerable users’ to click on malicious links, unsecured and out-of-date company computer networks, and weak passwords without multifactor authentication.

Jordan Mauriello, SVP of Managed Security at CRITICALSTART, shared his thoughts on the challenges facing cybersecurity and the benefit of utilizing additional security tools to strengthen your networks.

“Good, basic security hygiene is still a key to good defense,” Mauriello said. “Proper password policies and removal of local administrator accounts. Implementation of proper network segmentation. Good patch management and remediation process.”

“However, for many organizations, this is still not enough to prevent all of these threats and organizations must look beyond traditional controls and onto next-generation technologies to help detect and prevent these kinds of attacks and the associated business impacts they can have,” he said


Featured in Fox Business | February 25, 2020

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