Hacker Advocates Turning Tracking Tables on Law Enforcement

October 10, 2023 | A robotics hacker, Alan Meekins (Nullagent), created RFParty, a service enabling people to monitor police activity using Bluetooth, exploiting vulnerabilities in law enforcement equipment provider Axon’s devices. Meekins discovered that Axon uses Bluetooth to tie together hardware like body cameras, Tasers, firearms, and dash cameras. Accessing Bluetooth data, such as the MAC address of a bodycam, could be valuable to citizens seeking to monitor police activity. While Meekins’ RFParty service isn’t designed to track police, it maps common IoT devices, including police objects like bodycams. Cybersecurity experts note that Bluetooth connections offer a broader attack surface than wired connections, and vulnerabilities in Bluetooth are discovered semi-regularly. While Bluetooth security can vary, the threat to consumers is considered marginal, with good security hygiene recommended.

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