Threat Overload: IT Feels the Security Burnout

How can enterprises and IT professionals combat the increasing IT security threats without feeling burnt out?

With the number of security attacks that enterprises are facing, it’s no wonder why some IT security professionals are feeling burnt out. In addition to an overall increase in attacks, dealing with security alerts require lengthy investigations. This is further compounded by the advent of the GDPR in Europe and CCPA in California, which imposes substantial fines on enterprises that don’t abide by security and privacy regulations.

In a report titled “The Impact of Security Alert Overload,” Critical Start spells out just how bad the situation is. The report was developed from surveying 50 security operations centers (SOC) in Q2 2019. The report concludes that “SOC analysts continue to face an overwhelming number of alerts each day.” The report also found that it’s taking longer to investigate and resolve security issues raised by alerts.

No Jitter Contributor, Gary Audin, outlines the recent cybersecurity industry trends and statistics in his recent article.


Featured in No Jitter | January 24, 2020

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