Tips for Building Camaraderie in a Remote Tech Team

Tips for Building Camaraderie in a Remote Tech Team

Camaraderie is one key to success for any team, especially in the tech department. For in-house tech teams, this strong, positive dynamic can easily come from working together to solve problems, create solutions and tackle projects—not to mention getting to interact regularly with people who have similar interests and expertise.

With an exclusively remote tech team, there may be fewer opportunities for team building. However, with a bit of extra effort, it’s possible to build extraordinary camaraderie within a remote group. Forbes Technology Council surveyed Randy Watkins, CTO for CRITICALSTART, and 13 other council members for their best tips for tech executives looking to build a strong team culture among their remote staff.

“Communication is essential for teams to perform whether they’re local or remote, but keeping a remote resource engaged goes beyond better communication,” said Watkins. “The camaraderie built with internal teams comes from personal connections built over time. I try to make that something that remote resources experience by sending small trinkets of interest and inclusion.”



Featured in Forbes | December 19, 2019