MOBILESOC: You’ll Take this Threat Alert to Go.

Smoked brisket, poached eggs, sliced tomatoes, and sourdough toast—it’s the brunch you’ve been waiting for all week. It’s weekend perfection…right up to the moment when you’re notified that your business — the one you’re charged to protect — is under cyber-attack.

At this point, your day can take one of two directions.

Option 1: You can drive 45 minutes to the office to get briefed on what’s happening: make three phone calls, send 15 messages, and answer five emails trying to isolate and control the breach while reassuring the CISO that everything is under control.

Option 2: Receive an alert on your phone. Step outside after ordering your food to review all information and mitigation actions to contain the attack. Send a quick text to the CISO to report on the situation and then rejoin your companions before the next round of coffee comes to the table.

MOBILESOC Makes Option 2 a Reality.

CRITICALSTART’s MOBILESOC lets enterprise users interact with the CRITICALSTART SOC team without being tethered to a desk. This translates into faster deployment and containment and provides a mobile-first approach to analyst communication and alert investigation and response. MOBILESOC moves beyond a simple ticketing app by increasing the efficiency of SOC analysts through reducing the number of security events that require investigation.

What users are saying about MOBILESOC

“Easy to quickly see what the alert is”

Director of Security in the Retail Industry

“Mirrors the desktop, so it’s easy to use”

Security Analyst for a SaaS-related business

“Love the new layout and design, I think it’s even easier to use than before!”

Network and Systems Administrator in Education

MOBILESOC is sporting a complete overhaul with a new UI focusing heavily on the user experience. Improvements include dashboard tiles for critical and high priority alerts that need attention, a HUD view added to the alerts list screen, and more meaningful metrics added to the dashboard.

Other enhancements include the new ability to decode Base64 from command lines within the app, enhanced search for orchestration, and an added ability to list snippets. There are also considerable performance and battery enhancements to ensure MOBILESOC is ready when it’s needed most.

What MOBILESOC can do

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Through MOBILESOC you can get real-time push notifications about all important activities. Clicking on the push notification will take you to the appropriate screen where all the necessary actions can be taken. Future enhancements will include the ability to take actions directly from your phone’s notification center.

Through an intuitive dashboard, six unique navigation tiles will make it easier to quicky navigate to important alerts. These tiles include:

  • “Critical” alerts of the organization
  • “High Priority” alerts of the organization
  • Alerts assigned to logged in user
  • Alerts assigned to logged in user’s organization
  • Alerts assigned to monitoring organization
  • Open alerts for logged in user’s organization
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A clean and user-friendly UI will enable you to get the critical information you need regarding alert(s).

The interface provides for an easy and quick way to take actions on alerts including close, escalate, and assign functions.

If you need any more convincing that MOBILESOC can get you back to brunch, just look at what the Director of Information Technology at Kirby Corporation had to say:

“The new mobile app is awesome. It is one of the best I’ve ever seen. It’s much better than its predecessor. It’s more intuitive, a whole lot easier to navigate and it gets where you need to go. It’s less repetitive and just generally easier to use. It allows me to not have to be sitting at my computer all the time. I can be on my phone or tablet or wherever I’m at. It makes it a lot easier to answer tickets and do that kind of thing.”

Whether its time spent with nature, a night out, a hard bike ride, or a simple meal with good friends, you’ve got a life outside of work. And it’s time to get back to it.

MOBILESOC can restore that work/life balance and help you break the chains of your desk. Protecting your business is critical and something that cannot be compromised. Respond to alerts as though you were right there in the office and deal with threats without compromise. It’s the right formula to put back into your life the freedom you’ve been missing.

To learn more about CRITICALSTART’s MOBILESOC, contact us today.

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