Announcing Beta MDR Program for Windows

CRITICALSTART is the fastest growing MDR service in North America, and we are expanding our service offerings and integrations with new technologies that increase our capabilities for our customers.

CRITICALSTART has partnered with Microsoft to build a strong integration between Windows Defender ATP and our ZTAP Security Orchestration Automation and Response MDR service. WDATP solution provides excellent visibility to the endpoint, strong response capabilities for analysts, and advanced hunting features. We are currently at a point where we are validating our final phase of development and ensuring that we deliver our expected high-quality service for production customers.

We are asking for YOUR help! We need up to three beta customers who currently have Microsoft Defender ATP deployed as a part of their current production environment and using the Security Center. We will provide configuration and policy assistance at no cost. The beta includes access to our MOBILESOC application that allows you to triage WDATP events, kick off scans, and isolate endpoints directly from our native iOS and Android applications. We will provide free MDR SOC services for three months to the customers involved in this beta. Our MDR service includes 24×7 monitoring from the CRITICALSTART CYBERSOC based in Plano, TX, where our top-tier analysts will provide monitoring services for all of your Defender ATP events and incidents for the entire beta.

This offering is limited to the first three customers who reply depending on the size of the environment and the fit for the testing.

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