On-Demand Webinar – Beyond SIEM: Elevating Threat Protection with Seamless User Experience

In the realm of cybersecurity, staying ahead of threat actors can feel like a perpetual challenge, given the complexity of the landscape and the potential blind spots in your defenses. Join Critical Start and Sumo Logic experts for a virtual discussion on the importance of comprehensive visibility, expert guidance, and streamlined processes to strengthen your security posture through our integrated solution.

Learn about Critical Start’s Security Services for SIEM and Managed XDR, powered by Sumo Logic’s cloud-native platform, to achieve a seamless user experience that empowers you to:

  • Get a clear picture of your environment with intuitive dashboards and single-point data access
  • Fill skill set gaps with our white glove service, dedicated support, and expert advice
  • Simplify your security workflows by consolidating data and harnessing advanced analytics
  • Supercharge threat detection and response with the combined expertise of Sumo Logic and Critical Start

Our experts walk you through the customer journey, sharing real-world examples and live demonstrations of how our solution helps you prevent breaches, reduce risk, and sleep better at night. You’ll witness the power of Critical Start’s Cyber Operation Risk & ResponseTM (CORR) platform and Sumo Logic’s scalable architecture in action.

This webinar is a must-view for CISOs, CTOs, and other security leaders that want to optimize their Sumo Logic SIEM and strengthen risk resilience with managed SIEM/XDR services. Watch us to take the first step in transforming your cybersecurity approach with Critical Start and Sumo Logic and build a resilient, future-proof security strategy.

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