The Last Watchdog Talks to CRITICALSTART About Radical Transparency

April 29, 2019

At CRITICALSTART, we’ve made the concept of “radical transparency” a cornerstone of our Managed Detection & Response (MDR) offering. Simply put, radical transparency means our customers see everything our analysts are doing 24x7x365. And we mean everything. Customers work from the exact same interface and access all consoles, audit logs, analytic rules, playbooks, and Service Level Agreement (SLA) metrics as our internal team. It’s a concept that’s core to our DNA, and something we believe all companies should demand from their service providers, whether that transparency relates to security or any other aspect of IT.

It’s important to understand: Radical transparency is not just a marketing term or a gimmick. It’s in direct response to the input we received from enterprises across all sectors when we set out to design our MDR offering. We asked some of the biggest names in the most data-intensive and security-conscious industries about their greatest needs and biggest frustrations with their existing security service providers. Almost unanimously, they put a lack of transparency and the “black box” nature of those relationships at the top of the list. From those conversations, radical transparency was born.

Recently, our VP of Managed Services Jordan Mauriello, spent time with the one and only Byron Acohido. Acohido is the Pulitzer-winning journalist and founder and executive editor of The Last Watchdog on Privacy & Security. Specifically, they talked about why radical transparency is a necessary component in any enterprise/service provider partnership, and how, combined with a Zero-Trust approach to alert management, it helps ensure a rock-solid security strategy.

Read Acohido’s blog and listen to the podcast interview with Jordan Mauriello on The Last Watchdog. 

April 29, 2019

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