Find Security Gaps Before Attackers Do with Critical Start Asset Visibility

No matter what security tools you use, your security team is only effective as the information they receive. In fast-moving network environments, it’s almost impossible to maintain the level of asset visibility needed to ensure protection against unknown threats. Unagented endpoints, unsecured assets, and a lack of prioritization in the face of rapidly changing environments all pose significant risks to your organization. Organizations need a way to know for sure that their security tools are performing at optimal levels at all times.

Do you know that all your assets are protected when:

  • Employees and network guests connect with BYOD devices?
  • DevOps teams spin up new cloud assets?
  • Your company goes through a merger or acquisition?
  • You open a new office or hire new remote employees?
  • Endpoints or assets get reconfigured?

If you answered no to any of those scenarios, or you weren’t sure, you’re not alone. According to Critical Start’s 2023 Cyber Risk Landscape Peer Report, 90% of organizations lack the time to continuously monitor security posture and identify potential areas of control failure, hindering their ability to understand their level of risk exposure. That’s why we’re introducing a game changing Asset Visibility solution that helps you find gaps before they become opportunities for attackers.

Asset Visibility as a Part of Managed Cyber Risk Reduction

Critical Start, the industry pioneer of Managed Cyber Risk Reduction (MCRR), is excited to announce Asset Visibility as a key component of the MCRR portfolio of services and products. Asset Visibility is the critical – and often missing – factor of security maturity and risk management that assures security teams have a holistic view of their environment, and that they understand which assets, if left unsecured, pose the greatest risk to the organization. With comprehensive asset visibility, unprotected assets are identified quickly so they can be agented, monitored, and controlled.

How Does Asset Visibility Work?

Most organizations use endpoint monitoring software that validates compliance with company policies and rules. MDR services or in-house SOC analysts track those tools and escalate risks.

Critical Start’s Asset Visibility offering helps organizations become more proactive by uncovering assets that lack protection, and then it goes a step further. It integrates deeply with security tools, providing a single source of truth for host inventory and asset criticality ratings. They can then validate that the expected endpoint security controls are in place and working and identify areas of possible exposure based on asset criticality and gaps in security coverage.

With Critical Start, you can choose from a comprehensive MDR solution that includes our Asset Visibility with Endpoint Gap Coverage, or you can use Asset Visibility as a stand-alone product. With either solution, you get a single source of truth that gives you full visibility and context of assets and endpoints so you can detect and respond to security gaps faster.

Asset Visibility as Part of MDR

For Critical Start’s MDR customers, Asset Visibility is now standard in their MDR services, at no extra cost. Existing customers are already benefiting from:

  • Endpoint Security Coverage Gap Monitoring: Highlights the level of risk exposure to the organization due to endpoint security coverage gaps by identifying previously unknown or unmanaged assets and allows for gap mitigation to reduce the possibility that a threat will be missed.
  • Asset Inventory: Customers can build a normalized asset inventory from their security and asset data sources for a consolidated view of assets across the IT estate.

Full Asset Visibility for Your SOC

For customers who want greater in-house control over their risk reduction strategy, the standalone Asset Visibility solution provides:

  • Asset Criticality Ratings: Assets are tagged based on their importance to operations and data sensitivity, allowing customers to identify and prioritize remediation actions for the greatest impact to risk.
  • Unified Host Inventory: Building off the data from the asset inventory, it creates a single source of truth of assets, allowing customers to get rid of manual tracking processes, like Excel.
  • Data Administration and Management: Provides in-depth analysis and exclusion, reporting and exports, de-duplication and exclusion, end-of-life OS identification, trend analysis, search and filter capabilities, and Configuration Management Database (CMDB) augmentation via export, enabling security teams to keep pace with business changes and control their cyber risk exposure accordingly.
  • Self-service Integrations: Facilitates rapid time-to-value while further consolidating your security stack for easier management.

Don’t Just Understand Risks – Fix Them

Whether part of Critical Start MDR or as a stand-alone product, Asset Visibility delivers data-driven insights to help you generate a complete and accurate source of truth for security monitoring. This helps you identify endpoint security gaps and unmanaged assets and stay ahead of threats with suggested next-best actions that you can take to fix the issues that put you most at risk.

See Asset Visibility in Action

It’s time to see your environment clearly and reduce risk with confidence. Contact us today, and we’ll set up a demo of Asset Visibility for your organization.

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