Rock your SOCs: SON OF A BREACH! Podcast

Do you know how to find the right talent and skillsets to build up your Security Operations Center? Or are you looking to start or enhance your career as a security analyst and want to know what training and certifications will take you to the next level? 

Either way, don’t miss Episode 3 of our SON OF A BREACH! podcast series. Host and CRITICALSTART Chief Technology Officer Randy Watkins welcomes Jordan Mauriello, CRITICALSTART SVP of Managed Security Services, for an insightful look at how to find, train, and develop the type of talent needed to rock your SOC. 

Mauriello has military, government, and corporate backgrounds in cybersecurity, with experience in everything from penetration testing and malware reverse engineering to physical security, executive protection, and training. His visionary approach to leadership focuses on coaching and engaging highly technical personnel in the workplace. 

Tune in for expert perspectives on:  

  1. What qualities and skills to look for when recruiting security analysts 
  2. Best interviewing techniques – and how a question about pancakes can uncover your best problem-solvers 
  3. Why building on fundamentals is so important in a cybersecurity career  
  4. Which free training offerings you can take advantage of now 

Before the deep dive with Mauriello, Watkins highlights the ever-evolving SolarWinds saga and the latest in nation-state sponsored activity by Russia, China, and North Korea. 

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