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CRITICALSTART® Managed Detection and Response Services for Devo

Critical Start Managed Detection and Response Services for Devo pairs two next-gen solutions that give a comprehensive insight into your security environment. You gain full transparency and visibility into your environment while resolving all alerts safely and quickly.

Key Benefits of the Integration

100% Visibility

Global Visibility of your environment through CRITICALSTART’s MDR tool ZTAP™

Full Coverage

End-to-end security coverage that enriches your security data

Trusted Behavior Registry™

Utilization of CRITICALSTART’s Trusted Behavior Registry increases the efficiency of alerts

24x7x365 Monitoring

Fully managed by a 24x7x365 SOC

100% Transparency

All data is kept hot (historical, real-time, and streaming data) keeping it available when it matters most

Top-Tier Trust

Top-tier offering trusted by major entertainment providers, retailers, and technology firms

CRITICALSTART Service Snapshot

24x7x365 managed detection and response provided by highly experienced analysts and incident responders.

100% Transparency so you view the same data as CRITICALSTART’s SOC analysts.

Our certified consultants are experts in logging solutions, cloud infrastructure and event collection.

Our Trusted Behavior Registry™ makes it possible to resolve every alert by resolving known-good alerts first.

Our MOBILESOC® app allows you to investigate, escalate, comment on, respond to, and remediate security incidents from your iOS or Android device.

Accelerate your production MDR deployment to weeks instead of months.

Capability Comparison
Arctic Wolf
Cloud-Native SIEM offering
Logs kept hot for rapid access during threat investigation
Included managed SIEM behavioral analytics
Instantaneous queries/analysis during ingestion
Elastic Ingestion even during surges
Custom Use Cases
Trusted Behavior Registry with SOAR Platform that resolves 100% of alerts
Native iOS and Android applications for alert investigation, collaboration and response
Multi-Tenant so client can have multiple organizations with N-level hierarchy
Manage and report on all alerts from SIEM and EDR in one platform
Automated SOC review process that provides quality control of analyst investigations and is available to the customer
Contractually guaranteed Service Level Agreement for Analyst Time to Detect and Respond to Alert (as compared to SLO)
Alert Notifications that include both security event data and expert analysis
Customer and vendor work from same platform and see the same information for security event analysis (Transparent view to all rules, comments, audit logs, and metrics)
Custom Indications of Attack (IOA) Monitoring
24×7 monitoring by Cybersecurity Analysts (Security Alert Investigation and Notification performed by Security Analysts)
Advanced Threat Detection and Hunting
Analyst will proactively respond to stop attacks (isolate, block, whitelist, etc.)
Managed response, policy tuning, and updating of agents
Incident Response
SSAE 18 SOC 2 (TYPE 2) Certified
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    Relieve Alert Fatigue & Stop Accepting Risk

    Organizations can’t afford to ignore security events – even lower level security events, which is where many breaches and attacks occur.
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