New Survey: 66% of Super Tuesday Voters Fear Elections Aren’t Secure

New Survey: 66% of Super Tuesday Voters Fear Elections Aren’t Secure

With less than one week to go before voters in 13 states cast their Presidential Primary Ballots, two-thirds of voting-age adults in Super Tuesday states do not believe their state’s election is secure from hacking or other technological threats. 44% believe one of the campaigns would be responsible for an election hack, while 37% say a foreign government would be the most likely culprit. Other key findings from the survey include:

  • 64% believe our elections are vulnerable to foreign interference
  • 62% believe their state is at least making an effort to protect against hacking or other technological threats
  • 49% say in-person paper ballots would make them more confident in the accuracy of elections
  • Voters who believe their state election is secure are 2.3X more likely to vote this Super Tuesday

The survey was conducted on February 24, 2020 and included 1,067 respondents across all 13 Super Tuesday states.

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