Needle in a Haystack – Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Are you suffering from alert overload? Security professionals everywhere spend countless hours sifting through alerts – basically, searching for a needle in a haystack – to identify potential threats. The volume is too overwhelming, leaving them vulnerable and at risk of attack. CRITICALSTART helps end alert overload once and for all. Find out how in this video.

Full video transcript:

Ever try finding a needle in a haystack? Security operation centers, or SOCs, deal with tens of thousands of alerts every day in an effort to safeguard their networks and those of their clients, but only around 0.01 percent of alerts represent any actual threat. That’s the needle. The rest is just noise. As more alerts pile in, a backlog forms, making it practically impossible to move forward without compromise. It’s called alert overload when SOCs have to alter operations and priorities to manage the overwhelming onslaught of alerts. They either have to constantly grow their armies to sift through ever-growing haystacks for the needles or, and this happens most often, they’ll ignore huge amounts of the haystack hoping there’s no needle in it.

SIMs and incident orchestration try to solve the problems of alert overload. They do make investigating each incident quicker by automating certain pieces of simple and repetitive investigation-related tasks, but they don’t decrease the number of alerts needing investigation significantly enough. In other words, the haystack is still there.

What’s needed is a way to go through alerts faster, remove the haystack altogether and ultimately apply a model of accepting no risk. If an alert is not defined as known good, then it gets triaged. Thankfully, there is CRITICALSTART’s Zero-Trust Analytics Platform, also known as ZTAP. CRITICALSTART uses broad, locally specified data processing techniques to automatically identify and remove benign or known good alerts and can reduce the number of alerts requiring investigation by 99.9 percent. Meaning, SOCs can deliver tighter security while also preserving their internal resources.

ZTAP’s Event Orchestration Platform also features a MOBILESOC app, enabling SOC professionals to investigate alerts whenever it is needed from anywhere. With fewer events to investigate manually, analysts can spend their time handling the alerts that are cause for concern.

Complete transparency, greater efficiency and tighter security at a price organizations can afford. That’s the CRITICALSTART difference.

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