Randy Watkins: Mobile, Transparent, Adaptable

Full Video Transcript:

Security is really an art form, and it’s how do you deal with risk? Personal information can be stolen or worse. So, the customer has historically been bound to either email or their laptop looking at a web portal, we wanted to change that dynamic. So, we came out with the MOBILESOC and it allows the customer to do everything inside of their mobile device that they do on a laptop. And what that does is it unbinds them from that burden of constantly being tethered, and it actually allows them to respond faster and more consistently, which in turn lowers the dwell time that attackers have.

Now what’s unique about what CRITICALSTART does is it brings in 100% of security alerts, and using our Zero-Trust Analytics Platform, it looks at every one of those alerts to determine what is a known good versus what is unknown and needs to be resolved by our analysts. And this is all baked right into the platform.

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