Rob Davis: Resolve Every Alert. Stop Breaches.

Full Video Transcript:

Ultimately what you want to do is detect and stop breaches. You have to resolve every single alert. Nothing in the marketplace allowed us to do that, which is why we kind of created our own platform. We don’t want to ignore security events, and a lot of the lower-level security events, that’s actually where you can detect a lot of breaches and attacks.

Transparency is very important to CRITICALSTART and what we tried to do is be able to provide that same transparency you get with an in house SOC, but that we can provide as a service. So you kind of get the best of both worlds.

What we want to do is provide cybersecurity in a way that allows customers to move the speed of business. Our customers view us as the low-risk approach to providing managed detection response services. The whole goal is to stop an attacker before it becomes a breach.

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